Want to be in a Miz Mandy Music Video?

Music Video Shoot – Extras Wanted in Los Angeles
Sunday January 15th!

Wanted – Creative and fun loving People, Actors, Cyclists, Clowns, Mimes, and Magicians Looking To Build Your Reel

Seeking creative individuals to join us on exciting gorilla shoot for Miz Mandy’s new music video, ‘Rising Sun’. Shooting is in Downtown Los Angeles on Sunday January 15th for approximately 4 hours. Professionalism and good attitude are required. No experience necessary.

Extras of all ages (kids to elderly) and ethnicities needed as featured standing spots either holding a sign, walking the street, etc. A party scene requires many people singing and dancing. The overall visual concept of the video is: lighthearted, fun, fantastic, vintage (originated turn of the century), steam punk. It may be required that you wear some sort of fantastic costuming: i.e. carnival strong man, clown, fairy, geisha, sheriff, late eighteenth century barrister, genie, belly dancer, etc. All outfits must be approved.

The video concept also requires some actors to have a bicycle and be very comfortable riding and performing. Also excepted are scooters, skateboards, roller skates or blades, etc. It is required that you bring your own bike or equipment to the shoot. (Those with special types of bikes, ie; unicycle or vintage bicycles will be given priority.) Being able to do tricks on your cycle is a plus. Or if you feel there is any other way in which you want to help, let us know!

For more information, or to be considered for casting, please email us at AmeliaJudithYokel@gmail.com.
Please include a recent photograph, full name, email and phone number, availability, special skills and mobile equipment you can ride, and available costume/wardrobe pieces you own or your measurements for costumes in stock.

All performers guaranteed copy and credit.

2 Responses to "Want to be in a Miz Mandy Music Video?"
  1. Jan 9, 2012 20:08

    Kathy (Grandma Huggs the Clown)

    This sounds like a great opportunity for some of my clown friends. Would it be okay to share this announcement with the 2 clown organizations that are in the San Diego area?

    • Jan 9, 2012 20:43


      Yes! please do pass it along!
      We’ve already sent you and email, so check your spam box! : )
      Looking forward to seeing you there!

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