Two Week Call to Action for all Miz Mandy Fans! Music Video Kickstarter Campaign!

So, have you ever said to yourself “I should really buy a Miz Mandy CD for myself or as a gift” ???
Have you ever wanted to be in a music video or had a song written just for you? (Well, here is your chance!)

I have started what is called a ‘ campaign’, and we only have TWO WEEKS! Any money that I make for the next two weeks, I will turn around and re-invest in some music videos. Same cost = double the positive impact!

We are covering most of the video costs ourselves… we just need a little more budget ($3000) to make it possible! Keep in mind that this in NOT a charity thing or even a fundraiser in the traditional sense. There are plenty of great purchases (music, merch, memorabilia, work for hire and even a spot in a music video) to choose from for those who pledge.

Pledge for Rewards. It will only take a few minutes of your time, but the time is NOW!

1. Go to to learn about our project:

2. Decide if you want to support us and which REWARD best suits you.

3. Check out with amazon and once we are funded, you receive your REWARD!

* YOU can also HELP by talking to people you know about it … at your next bbq, reunion or office luncheon!

You will notice that I will send out newsletters and evite invitations to get people involved.
* YOU can HELP by forwarding those newsletters or evite to anyone that you think would want to get involved.

I have already created a facebook event that includes a funny video I made to promote the project.
* YOU can HELP by re-posting that video or the campaign link on your profile and spreading the word.

The campaign ends on Saturday June 23rd! If we do not reach the $3000 goal set on kickstarter by then, no one will be charged, no transactions occur, and we all get nothing. At that point, there is the likely chance that the project will get cancelled all together.

Please support me and my crew by pledging now and/or spreading the word! I promise you, this album is my best yet, and that the videos that you help support will be beautiful. I really appreciate any and all support, from the bottom of my heart. And please know that even one re-post or even one dollar goes towards helping us reach our goal. Every little bit helps.

A GIANT THANK YOU to those who have already pledged! <3

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