Today is the day Today is the day


Billboard charting artist, Miz Mandy, has partnered with Los Angeles based songwriter, composer, and music producer, Ryan Franks, to co-write and produce ten new original pop songs on Miz Mandy’s third album Mouse Trap.

Work began on the album late in 2010 and was released November 25, 2011. Mouse Trap departs from Miz Mandy’s historically classic pop and dance sound to a new electronic retro pop / rock sound with highly orchestrated music and characterized lyrical writing.

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You’re the string of my bikini

I’m lying in wait, my heart rate, a twist of plot seals my fate

Cherry soaked in my martini

Ammo emptied to my purse, remedy my hope diamond curse

Cast the die and disobey

Handsome darling on the run, the silencer of my gold gun

Trigger carnal power play

A well-laid gimmick to outfox, bait and switch Pandora’s box

You are the cat’s pajamas and I want to try you on

You get this kitty purring, gonna catch your tail ‘fore to long

Flawless fit of my slinky dress

Silhouette of my curvy hips, the perfect secret on my lips,

Like a snake in grass I must confess

I’ll take ya lying down, as Mr. Martin rolls us around

21 to my blackjack hand

The Russian to my roulette, aid and abet a moving target

Muted trumpet in the house jazz band

A smoke and mirrors get-away, there’s hanky panky hell to pay

In the world of Tom’s and Molly’s, I’m one carnivorous freak

I’m prone to biting and hissing, as pheromones increase

I’m wild and nocturnal, but you rub my fur the right way baby

Let’s get crazy

Catnip and bull whip, Unzip and skinnydip


I like the taste… your tattoos, cigarettes, off brand booze
Dirty sheets and spreading rumors,
Masochistic sense of humor
I like the drag of the early mornings,
While ignoring early warnings

Afternoons of tipping chairs
And the likelihood of mismatched pairs

Gasoline run through my veins
Keep me sober, Keep me sane
Burn my fire, Play your game
Diesel, my love
Fill my engine, Feed the flame
Drink you in it’s all the same
Scream it til I know your name
Diesel, my love

Conversations, worthless wishes,
drunken stupor attendant dishes
Tie you up with desperate measures,
complicate my simple pleasures

Call me crazy but, what’s wrong feels right
Gotta little bad girl in me, lovers will bite
With one fatal kiss comes an easy fool
My pleasure of pain, my addicts fuel
We’ve poisoned each other, Diesel
…. I like me a bad boy, baby

You cast your shadow, sharpen your axe
No rest for terror, secret stab in the back

I’ve heard your story, I know your lies,

Play dumb to cover, malicious delight,

Fold you up, like a paper tiger

Cut you out, like a paper tiger
Tear you down, like a paper tiger
Tiger, you ain’t nothing now
Even on paper, paper, poor excuse for a tiger

Guilty of crime, Fool’s paradise
Truth will prevail, mastermind self-demise

Caught with your hand, in the cookie jar,

Walls tumble down, as you go too far,

Liar Liar pants on fire

You take the term bitch a notch higher

In the beginning, was neither me nor you,
You were part of me when we came too
Thirteen years of Paradise,
Unconsciously roll the dice
That dirty snake kept calling your name
You were perfect, I will take the blame
Playing by the rules but wonderfully confused

If God keeps the secrets, the devil knows the truth

I was just in heaven
Now there’s only ghosts and gloom
Why’d you go so soon?
All good things diminish
They say Hell is nothing new
And you can’t go back to Eden
No, you can’t go back

That apple tree caught you between what’s wrong and right
You’ve had your chance and taken your last bite
If knowledge is regret
Then stupid keeps you innocent
In the end, The snake and apple have won
Don’t know what you have til what you’ve had is gone
Stuck back in time, searching for familiar rhyme

If God sings melody, the devil keeps the time

You were the Adam to my Eve
Nothing but dreams and memories
I can always have you there

Tomorrow ain’t looking good if today is any clue
A little doggie on a fox’ scent is closing in on you
Each day seems to get worse no matter how hard I try
I bang my head against the wall, Pull myself along for the ride

Put your gloves on, get your head right
Tomorrows a knock down drag out fight
Keep your guard up, stiff uppercut
Bound and gag, knockout tomorrow’s drag

The Morning sighs a deep breath, inhalin and blowin smoke
This road seems too long, a never ending joke
I’m moving so slow, so low,
you gotta dredge the river bed for me
I’m afraid of what I got coming I can taste my own defeat

I’m tired of this ball and chain
I’m bout to go insane

Fantasy that we believe,
It’s a, parody we can’t perceive,
There’s a …

Holding the crowded bag consciously,
Lamb damage to soul power set me free,
Gold shadow show inside can steer balance
Red inked academy, two-wheel allowance,
Now trippy slide and slippy vagabonds
Each ones a church mouse eatin corn and gru-ubs
Shoestring and four square, Rainy day shakeout,
Lightning fine feather, cold turkey fever bout

Merry go round till we fall down

Truth or dare, fresh out of thin air
Wild and free, rosy posy
Spinning hours as super powers,
Dream awake, Vertigo heartache,

Houses of subdivide, a globe of snow
Caught in the talons of a jimmy crow
In one fell swoop a Roman holiday
Humanity’s atomic lull, mon-anarchy,
Horsepower hot potato pickle juice,
Rabbit thunderhead, mother shuns a truce
Sun-origin shake and roll, Cosmic melt,
Whole skin on the line kind and father’s belt

Common sense is on the fences
Human toxin ollie oxen

Ride Sam’s jokester roller coaster
No pretending, World is ending

Force majeure, au naturel
The bartender pours for the femme fatale
At a nearby table, bell’uomo eyes go starry,
In awe of her beauty, he chokes on his Campari
Catch a glance, cherry splashy
Her silk blouse J’ai fait un gâchis
He’s quick to notice, gocciolante and wet skin,
He rushes to help, let the twist begin

Colliding out of the blue – Twist twist
You know it’s long overdue – Twist twist
We’ll do just what we want to – Twist twist
It’s taboo, but I wanna twist with you

Caio Bella, Mon Cheri
Every unknown word was heard with ease
Shaken and stirred, musical pas de deux,
Devo avere, oh the things she wants to do
No need to be, indiscreet
Definitely time for Tête-à-tête en Suite
Both have surrendered, destiny will win,
Collect their things in haste, let the twist begin

Bodies tangled in the sheets,
Time after time the twist repeats
Come together so easily
Twist one off the next round is on me

Floating so peacefully on my own
The water is calming my every care
Quiet in mind, safe and alone
As dragonflies play in my hair
Sun kissed skin and breeze so pure
Spending my time how I please
Taste of fresh air and salty water
Travel adrift on the seas

A stillness in the air, The tide was bound to turn

You stole my love
Left me washed up, and u
Capsized my boat
Can I still float

Coup de main charming corsair
I became lost when you freely misled
Anchored me with your savage affair
Ravaged and left me for dead

He’s making you,
A little offer that you can’t refuse
So you sell the soul you used
And the devil is amused
But what goes around
Comes right back round to you
What we sow, we reap
Don’t be fooled, we become what we do, through and through

Shot Down
I’ll Collar up and leash the bitch
I’m gonna pull out all the stops
To queer the pitch,
Watch Out
Off roadin’ straight into the ditch
I’m gonna pull out all the stops
To queer the pitch

The bandwagon is keepin’ up with the Mr. Jones’
I do not dare to dare echoes bouncing off of my bones
That puppeteer won’t let my strings alone
But my fall from grace
Won’t come easy, I’ll be fighting tooth and nail, can’t go wrong

We want it, We need it, Gotta have it, But we can’t get it
So you cop out, You sellout,
Then ya give out, What you can’t make out
Then He gives you, He takes you,
Controls you, now he’s got you

It’s gonna be ok baby
It’s gonna be just fine lady
Your body can’t slow you down now
Your worry can’t keep you low down

Your vision is clear
There’s nothing to fear
The future is bright
it’s alright

One falling Moon, one rising sun
Go with the flow, life carries on

Break it out boy,
Let your guard down,

Time to raise your voice
You got nothing to prove
Shake it up girl
Let your hair down
Time to make your world
You got nothing to lose

It’s time to get dancing honey
It’s time to get singing sonny
Everyone smiles where you roam
Everywhere welcomes you home
The timing is right
To lighten your life
Whatever may come
Just have fun

Transcend thru space and time
Troubles out of ya mind
Tonight time to unwind
Just be, break free